Your Imaginary Fashion Coalition

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book The Art of Resale. I’d like for you do an important exercise with me before going on your next shopping trip. I’m going to tell you what to say when you talk to yourself.  Please trust me on this but more importantly, trust your instincts!   I promise I won’t steer you off-course. I want you to succeed in this endeavor and have fun in the process. Life’s too short to waste your time on anything you don’t feel fabulous in and out of. Don’t do it, don’t buy it, don’t keep it if it’s not exquisite. Say it with me, friends. If it isn’t exquisite, GET RID OF IT! This is my constant life motto and it does apply to everything. You feel way more than you think about fashion and style. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t think about it anymore. Flip it, give it away, donate it. When you gaze into your abyss wardrobe, what do you see?  I’m going to ask you to cast a critical eye, but please, not on yourself. Do it with the clothes and accessories you already have.  What is the predominant color family of most of your items? … Continue reading Your Imaginary Fashion Coalition