Wednesday Wisdom: Kids Brands You NEED To Resell

July 15, 2015

Lulu is wearing a Harajuku Mini dress over a Carter’s onesie, H&M headband, and random Rainbow Brite-lite onesies. Headband and leggings courtesy of Marissa.

In this edition of Wednesday Wisdom, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about kids clothing brands and share a couple of coupon codes in the process.

If you’re at all like me before I had littles, then you probably didn’t know very much about kids clothing until you absolutely needed to. I honestly didn’t pay very much attention until I had my own kids or had a close friend who had kids. I admit that I was selfish. If it wasn’t about me wearing something, why would I care about it? Times have changed and I’m glad.

You might have been like me in admiring cute clothes in your thrifting travels. You probably needed to buy a last minute gift for a little as an afterthought at Target or one of those intimidating boutique stores.

Now that I’m a few years into this parenthood thing, it’s been a game changer to learn more about kids brands. What I’ve also managed to do is recoup some of the costs of outfitting two littles by buying gently used and reselling their outgrown items!

I also find many things in my thrifting travels and carefully select pieces that I think someone else will love as much as I do. One important thing when you buy anything is to think if it will resell.

If so, how much will you make? Is it worth your time? Is it exquisite? If not, GET RID OF IT. In an ideal world, you’d at least break even on what you purchase, especially if it’s gently used. Obviously it would be great to make a profit, and that’s the underlying motivation that I have whenever I buy anything.

At the moment, I make more money (not necessarily profit) in selling things on eBay vs. the Kidizen app. One major difference is that the items on Kidizen are in fixed price format as opposed to auction format. With Kidizen, you have to include shipping in your sales price, which is easier if it’s anything other than shoes!

Keep in mind that you’ll get the most for your items if they are in gently used, clean condition! Note ANY issues with any items that you sell, please. The buyers definitely appreciate it, and it will affect pricing as well as your reputation.

Even though these brands are more common, they hold much of their resale value. H&M and Old Navy always surprise me with their quality and overall stylings. The brands at Target like Circo and Cherokee resell ok, and so does Carter’s. Carter’s are best sold as bundles in my experience (as in lot of 3 onesies in the same size, etc.)

You’ll do well if you pick up any Children’s Place, Gap, Gymboree, Uniqlo, and Zara. Good quality and they turnover nicely.

If you see any of the following boutique brands AND the items are in AT LEAST very good condition (this is important), BUY THEM: Hanna Andersson, Harajuku Mini and Harajuku Lovers (from Gwen Stefani, discontinued and holds their value well), Janie and Jack, Kickee Pants, Matilda Jane, Mini Boden(their link removal team asked me to no longer post their links on their site so you can Google the site if you really want to), Naartjie, Peek Kids and Pink Chicken (shout out to Carla of Mil’s Closet for the intro to both of these brands!), Polarn O. PyretTea Collection, Tucker and Tate, and Well Dressed Wolf.

I’ll be updating this list frequently!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the deals on Kidizen. Here are some of my current favorites!

Check out these amazing mini Doc Martens. Too precious!

What about these color block Crewcuts flats?

May I interest you in a pair of Harajuku Mini plaid ska pants?

Surely this Misha Lulu Hello Kitty dress is among the cutest you’ve ever seen?!

If you’re still compelled to buy retail, I found two coupon codes in the latest issue of Parents Magazine for you! You’re welcome. Janie and Jack, Crazy 8, and Gymboree are all owned by the same company. Please excuse my funky table.




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