Wednesday Wisdom July 1st

July 1, 2015

I’m hoping that I’ll never run out of ideas to inspire and give me pause for reflection. As long as I’m alive, I hope that I continually challenge myself by reading many different viewpoints.

Austin Kleon has changed my life recently. More specifically, his two books came out of nowhere at the library and I’m glad that I picked them up.

It costs nothing to gain all sorts of wisdom and perspective through the written word at your local library. I think that I read them backwards, though, as Show Your Work came before Steal Like an Artist.

Here are the links to check them out on Amazon.


I attribute an idea that I have about starting a Patreon solely to his book Show Your Work. My idea would allow patrons to contribute as little as a dollar to a project that I don’t believe has been done recently.

An important piece of advice that I picked up from his book Steal Like An Artist is that NOTHING IS ORIGINAL. I suspected this when I was little and have been suspicious of my beliefs ever since. Nice to know that I wasn’t off the mark.

Instead of taking a defeated approach like I used to in my late teens and early twenties, I now have a more spirited take on a former belief. Why not appreciate everything that’s been done, as well as all of the works that I’m unaware of? Which is kind of sort of a lot. All I know is that I don’t know nothing?

The idea with Patreon would fuse what I do on a daily basis with thrifting and resale. Crowdsourcing it, if you will.

It might take a leap of faith for me to trust myself with this so that you can, too.

Here’s Austin’s TED talk and I appreciate him. You should, too.




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