thredUP 101: What You Need to Know About This Popular Resale Site

April 27, 2015

Since 2001, I’ve been selling fashionable items on the web. A lot has changed since then, and I want to share with you some of the new places online that are worth checking out.

This blog post will be a summary of what you need to know about selling through!

I’ll be going way more in-depth with my first book about The Art of Resale, slated to come out before summer.

Subscribe to my newsletter for details! There are many, many more places on the web and via apps on your mobile device to sell your items. What’s even better is that there are more popping up all the time and I’ll update accordingly.

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thredUP has been around since 2009 and is by far, the best funded startup in the online consignment space. Sorry fellas, as of now, they’re only accepting women’s, children’s and maternity clothing. As of now, I no longer send them my kids’ clothing as I’ve found a place that I adore, Kidizen! Click on this link to see my shop there.


Click on this link with my referral code to earn $10 in credit if you find something there that you can’t live without. I’ll earn $10 as well. I believe that the amount of credit that you can get through sharing your link is unlimited, so get to it.

Here’s my thredUP dashboard, so that you can get an idea of how it works.

I really, really like thredUP because I’ve been pretty successful with many items.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.02.22 AM

If you take a look at my dashboard, it displays how many bags I’ve sent to thredUP. It also shows how much I’ve earned per bag. My average isn’t too shabby at all.

If an eBay auction of mine didn’t sell after repeated re-listings, then I’ll try and send these items to thredUP. Utilize all of the options that you have to sell your items!

There are two ways to sell through thredUP. How they will be sold on depends on the quality of items that you sell.

Higher end items will sell for more and be priced on consignment, and lower end items will be purchased outright.

An amazing advantage over other ways to resell your items is that thredUP takes children’s and maternity clothing. This is so helpful for all of us families out there! I purchased many NWT (new with tags) maternity items for a fraction of their retail through thredUP. All the fancy brands are represented as well!

Please note that you do need to ship the items to thredUP’s warehouse in San Leandro, CA. Other sites want you sell and ship the item(s) directly to the customer, but I’ll mention the other sites that do this in future posts.

As of this moment, is offering a free “clean out kit,” which consists of a heavy duty plastic bag printed with thredUP’s branding.

It has a pre-paid shipping label affixed to it that is automatically linked to your account. You can drop this bag off via FedEx or USPS.

Your clean out bag will arrive in an envelope. SAVE THIS ENVELOPE because there’s a handy space for you to write in your email.

It’s best to include this envelope in your sealed thredUP bag when you return it as it’ll help thredUP identify your bag faster.

When you order your clean out bag, you’re offered an option called Return Assurance. This is a flat rate fee of $12.99 that’s taken out of any funds that you earn through thredUP. Any items that aren’t purchased outright or put on consignment will be sent back to you promptly.

What I like is that the bag that you sent your items in is reused. The items they don’t take are sent back to you in the same bag. Hooray for being eco-friendly, thredUP!

The claim on their site is that they take less than 50% of what is sent to them but I think true mileage varies. It reminds me of this skit from Portlandia. You know the one, about selling your clothing at a brick and mortar store with snooty buyers?

What you get definitely depends on the person that is assigned your bag. You’re at their mercy of what they think is cool. “These are hilarious!” Ashby’s laugh pops up in my head whenever I’m sorting things to sell.

I mentioned earlier that thredUP’s warehouse is located in San Leandro, CA. How fast they receive your clean out bag depends on where you’re located.

They usually receive the bags that I send them within a few days. You’ll be emailed promptly when they receive your bag, with a guesstimation of how long it will take to process.

Everything had been great with my experiences with thredUP until yesterday when I received the following email from them. (This is regarding my latest bag that I sent them a few weeks ago):

We wanted to send you a quick update on the status of your Clean Out bag #64xxxx. We’ve had a tremendously high volume of bags in processing recently, and we’re running a little behind.

We’re very sorry about the delay. We’re hiring more team members every day and building a system that will have the capacity to process future bags the same day we get them. We appreciate your patience as our company grows!

We’re working as fast as possible to get to your bag. You can expect to receive your payout by Thursday, May 7th.

Thank you for using thredUP to clean out your closet!

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I admit that I’m disappointed with this development, as I can use Threadflip, Poshmark, and other sites. That thredUP bag included the likes of Manolo Blahnik, Marc Jacobs, and other neat pieces. To be continued….


Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 3.07.10 PM

Here are some guidelines that are directly taken from their site regarding what items they accept. 

They have a method called D.O.T. that will help guide you. I appreciate this transparency.

D. stands for DEFECT-FREE. This means that clothing should be in excellent condition. Items with stains, holes, pilling, or signs of wear won’t be accepted.

O. stands for ON-TREND, which means that styles should be on-trend and in-season.

T. stands for TOP BRANDS. Some of our their favorite brands are J.Crew, Mini Boden(their link removal team asked me to no longer post their links to their site so you can Google the site if you really want to), DVF, and Theory.

Here’s a formal list of what brands they sell on thredUP. It’s conveniently divided into categories for boys’, girls’ clothing and women’s clothing.

Regarding their D.O.T. method, my honest experience so far is that it varies.

I’ve sold items to thredUP that were season-less. Maybe I didn’t know how old some of my items were? I’d like to think that what they accepted was so very timeless that it transcended pesky things like seasons and trends!

It’s very important to comb through your items visually and with a gentle hand to see if there are any issues. Issues include holes, tears, fraying, pilling, stains, rips, worn spots, etc. It’s unlikely that items that have issues will be accepted by thredUP and other resale sites.

Once your items have been accepted, the amount that you’ve earned shows up as an immediate shopping credit for the first two weeks.

You can use your credit to shop on thredUP, but you must resist, I implore you, haha! The idea is to make money, and unless you know your exact sizing, it’s hard to know how items will fit until you receive them.

However, returns are easy, from what I understand, although I haven’t returned anything yet on thredUP.

If you want to transfer funds into your PayPal account, the fee is only 2%, period. You must be patient because it takes at least two weeks for your funds to be available for you to cash out.

You’ll be paid for your consignment pieces if/when someone buys them. I’ve only had two items that didn’t sell that were accepted via consignment by thredUP. In this instance, you have the option to reclaim what’s unsold and pay for return shipping for the item(s). I paid $3.99 shipping for each item to have it returned to me promptly.

Pros: free clean out kit (as of this writing), takes maternity and children’s clothing, can shop right away with thredUP credit, 2% PayPal fee structure. Consignment pieces can be very profitable.

Cons: must wait for cash out, must wait for consigned items to sell, must wait to be paid on consignment items, sometimes it takes a long time to process your clean out bag,

All in all, I’ve been very pleased with the items that have been accepted and what I’ve been paid out for them through thredUP. This site is a viable option to make some cold hard cash.




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