October 16, 2015

Welcome to all the new visitors.

I’ve noticed that traffic has been up on the site and I thank you so much for sticking with me, even though there haven’t been enough updates!
So let me get the non-Portland topic out of the way. Be warned, this post is picture heavy! I missed taking semi-decent pics of interesting moments.

Another topic includes this Bell Bullitt helmet.

Hopefully this helmet will fit my large head when the time comes. I’m in love with the retro stylings, and in my experience, Bell is generally decent for the price.

Too bad I couldn’t explain helmets when I worked for Cycle Gear as well as this guy! I’m crossing my fingers that Bell will eventually make the bubble and flat shields with the Transitions material so it tints effortlessly day to night, and vice versa.

I went to Oregon twice during September and October and had some great moments on the road!

This is just a random collection of images and I hope that you like them as much as I do. Do call boxes on the highway even work anymore?

I attended a glorious wedding at Silver Falls, did some amazing thrifting where I found that glorious burgundy leather coat, and hung out with great friends, both old and new. It was an amazingly heartfelt feeling of relief to be in touch with an old friend that I’d dearly missed.

The cheapest gas I found was at either Arco or Space Age and was $2.06. Not a typo.

I don’t belong in the Bay Area and that point was driven home during the trip. I don’t have very many friends here at all and one of them is moving back to Georgia next week! We don’t belong in the manic rat race here. It’s so far from family friendly, and I refuse to let it get me down!

And now, all the pics.






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