Octoberween and a Major Announcement

It’s October, Halloween, and also time to tell you something!


Yours truly is moving to the Pacific Northwest!

It’s time to close this chapter and start another one.

I’m grateful and have learned a lot here during the last six years. It’s time to move on, hang out with some friends, and be strategic about the next life steps.

Even though I’ve been warned that Portland traffic is bad, it can’t be the 2-3 hour daily commute to Oakland. So. Over. It. /endnegativity

The game of “keep, sell, donate, toss” has been on for the last two weeks and counting. With fervent enthusiasm, I’m purging many things and I feel great about it.

Here’s what I’m selling.

Andy Warhol Campbells LOOP NYC Bag
SOLD – Vintage 90’s Paris Blues Wonder Woman Top

Here’s a story about the Wonder Woman shirt. I sold it and a bunch of other things at a wonderful shop in Oakland (Piedmont area) called Mercy Vintage Now.

I can’t say enough amazing things about this store! What an impeccable selection of most eras and the quality of their items was astounding! Some of them look almost new even though they’re older than I am.


This is a blurb taken from their website: We are fair and karma driven and we promise not to make you feel inferior because you didn’t bring in what we are looking for. We understand the connection to and emotion around clothes and promise to find the best home possible for your items.

A CLASS ACT. Take notes, other places. Check them out on their website and Instagram!

Here are more items that are up for your consideration.

Melissa PVC Pumps in size 9
Betsey Johnson Studded Leather Bag
Mercedes-Benz Seatbelt Bag – SOLD
The Limited Mod Op Art Trench Coat
Stella McCartney Bra
Edie Sedgwick LOOP NYC bag
Tokidoki Grim Greasers T-Shirt
Vintage 90’s Anna Sui t-shirt

I’m sure that I’ll be adding way more goodies before the move as well as pictures from later today. Here’s a sneak peek of my costume preparations.

Doesn’t my hair look fabulous?

Here are some awesome goodies that I found for Halloween time, or anytime really. 

Author: Lisa