Mom Goth in Hot Weather

July 27, 2016

This post is one constant update with this warmer weather.

I was having a discussion recently where I concluded that you can’t be goth and be a mom. No, I mean truly GOTH, the kind of goth that’s in all caps. Makeup like Vampira. Hobble gown and sparkly stiletto nails. What? You mean that you wouldn’t go out every day like this if you could??

How dare I compare myself to Vampira? I’m unworthy at the moment. No really, with this weather, I just do my best to avoid getting overheated. Every time I see her hair, I miss my black, longer hair. It’s even funnier to type that now since I just changed my hair back to my teal-esque asymmetrical bob.

Image courtesy of Church of Halloween

Image courtesy of Church of Halloween

Lest I digress any further, I want to discuss my daily routine during this season thing called “Summer”. My ideal climate is somewhere between 60-78 degrees. Colder is fine, but dozens of degrees warmer, and then I’m the weird case of opposite SAD (seasonal affective disorder) where I get depressed in the sweltering heat and humidity.

In fact, here’s an article about this on Psychology Today.

I’ve been that way since I was little. Many of my friends know the due diligence that I have taken since the age of 16 to stay out of the direct sunlight.

A long time ago in a land not so far away, I had an aunt. She was addicted to tanning. Even after she had multiple lesions of cancer removed. She also looked like a mahogany alligator handbag. Never enough sun was her motto, and observing her inadvertently lead me to my lifelong experiment of staying out of the sun. I’m 42, cancer-free, and comments that I get about my skin are unrelated to crocodiles or accessories. Whew!

My current favorite sunscreen is this one, the Extra Care Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF 50. I’m on my third bottle so far this year. I also use it on the taller one and the less tall one (Coco and Lulu, my kidlets). This sunscreen is truly delightful because it doesn’t smell tropical (blech!), and is great for both face and body. I’m talking zero breakouts. Maybe the only con is that it’s a little runny, so it’s best to work in smaller sections. It blends into the skin beautifully as well and is great under makeup.

Almost forgot to add that my favorite base in extreme weather is the Jane Iredale PurePressed base Mineral Foundation with SPF 20. It’s great to layer over sunscreen and doesn’t irritate my combination skin. It doesn’t emphasize my already large enough pores! I wear the color Golden Glow, which is perfect for my light-medium skin. Think MAC NC25-30.

It also literally saved my hide during a recent afternoon trip to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. I neglected to bring my parasol but hid behind my sunglasses and this sunscreen. Remember my motto, kids: “Reapply, unless you want to die!” 😀

Here’s a sample of my daily makeup when it’s 85 and under.

Onto the fashion portion. Labels are for mammogram results (NORMAL, thank goodness) and I transcend mere labels. I wear whatever inspires me all the time. It wasn’t just a phase.

What’s that saying? She wears black because she has such a colorful mind? And not everyone who wears black all the time can be considered goth. But again, labels. Even labeling someone as “not goth” or “not goth enough” is still judgmental.

It’s hard to combine summer and that your favorite color is black, bottom line. And why don’t more people do gray and black lip combos?

Even though it gets very hot at times, I still wear long sleeves. No farmer’s tan, no offense to farmers. I pretty much live in my Santa Cruz skateboard hoodie when I’ve not dressed up all fancy.

This is a version of a daily outfit that I’ve been wearing since the temperatures started getting out of control. Pic was taken at Black and Brown SJ

The tweed/houndstooth shorts are a cheapie no-name brand that I got for $2, the shirt is an Ann Taylor that I think I acquired for the same amount, socks are Target. Bag and shoes were at least 20x the amount of the outfit itself.

Please excuse the toddler drool on my tank. I’ve got one of these scoop neck tanks in black for every single day of the week. They’re from Forever 21 and cost $1.90. They’ve withstood the kidlets and frequent washing. A summer staple.


I’ve had this dress (a score for undrer $7!) since I was pregnant with Lulu in 2014. It’s a lighter polyester that actually breathes ok. I wear it at least once a week when I want to feel fancier. It’s not a maternity dress but the elastic waistline proved to be handy for that purpose.

And can I say that it’s very hard to take full-length selfies of your outfits unless you get some tripod action or are in mirrors at IKEA, hotels, etc? I’ve been so busy between kidlets, resale, and studying. Again, hard to be a GOTH goth and be a mom.

Here’s another outfit that I’m proud of, especially since it only cost about $24. It’s a strangely flattering, vintage-inspired dress from the Gap, of all places! Shoes are vintage 90’s Steve Madden. Goofy gladiator belt from Charlotte Russe. All acquired while thrifting.


The makeup came out pretty decently as well. Contact lenses are the color Innocent White from Desio Lens. They’re 3 month disposables that last me a little longer because I rarely wear them. Hair is always a work in progress.

momgoth1When I was an early, fledgling gothling in the late 80’s, this was the song that turned me onto breakbeat and then the eventual rave scene in Los Angeles. More about my rave wardrobe another time, but this was perhaps the most upbeat song amongst all of the deathrocking.

Anyhow, I can’t wait to show you my Finds of the Week for this Friday. Vintage and interesting things for sure!




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