L.A. Frock Stars

May 6, 2015

I don’t watch a lot of TV, except RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’m a fan of all things RuPaul. Sometimes I include him in my imaginary fashion coalition. While browsing the Apple TV a few weeks ago, I saw the Smithsonian Channel icon. After a few moments of browsing through the channel’s offerings, I found L.A. Frock Stars. It combines vintage clothing and reality tv and does so very impressively.

It’s a reality show based in Los Angeles and features the high-end vintage clothing boutique The Way We Wore.

The proprietress of this store is Doris Raymond. Here’s more info about her from her site.

Since the opening of her L.A. vintage boutique The Way We Wore over a decade ago, Doris Raymond has become THE arbiter of fashion not only locally but for an international clientele as well.

For the last three decades Doris has made herself and her vast collection of vintage, antique and designer clothing available to a coterie of designers, celebrities and fashion insiders. The incredible success of The Way We Wore represents Doris’ wide and far reaching influence on the world of contemporary fashion.

She has worked with the vast majority of designers from high fashion as well as mass market labels and details culled from her collection have shown up on runways from New York to Milan. Here’s a pic of her with one of her best customers, Dita Von Teese, who is no stranger to collecting vintage clothing!


As an L.A. native, watching this show made me excited to be from L.A. all over again. There’s a palpable excitement and it revolves around vintage clothing and accessories.

L.A. is one of the vintage destinations of the world and The Way We Wore is a premiere spot.

There are at least a couple of episodes of this inspiring show that you can watch on Amazon.

Check out L.A. Frock Stars’ Vintage Ninja episode and L.A Frock Stars’ Awards Season.
I found this video on YouTube for the Season 2 finale.

Whenever I’m out thrifting and flipping, I do come across a lot of vintage.

Last night my dad and I discussed why I don’t flip a lot of vintage pieces. Most vintage items in thrift stores need work to make them presentable, much less wearable. This is the main reason why I avoid buying vintage.

Remember that my dad is the scion of our flipping dynasty, as our store on Melrose Avenue was very well known in the 1980’s.

Stains, delicate fabrics that disintegrate, funky smells, and beyond are what turn me off to flipping vintage for resale. By the time an item is rehabilitated, it’s usually not worth your time.

However, one might make exceptions for what Doris calls “the holy grail of vintage,” which are pieces that were designed and cut by the designers themselves.

One unusual example from one of the episodes of L.A. Frock Stars is a Christian Dior coat from 1948. Watch the show; you won’t be disappointed!

In my travels, I’ve seen vintage Chanel, Versace; you name it.

I picked up a Yohji Yamamoto skirt that I’m almost positive was part of a matching suit set sans the jacket. I still have that skirt and will find it and photograph it for a future posting.

Here’s an early John Galliano suit jacket in an unattractive shade. It had wire along the back and reminded me of Thierry Mugler’s wasp waist pieces.

This jacket had tons of moth holes, but I still got over $20 for it on eBay. It cost nearly nothing since it was in such poor shape, so there was still a nice profit.


I scored a vintage Norma Kamali outfit earlier this year and wished it fit me. Here’s an outfit that I’ll hold onto until the right time presents itself for me to sell it or wear it.

It’s in immaculate shape, and I found it at one of the Goodwills in Sunnyvale, CA.

   Excuse Severine’s immodesty. She’s the name of my pseudo mannequin!

In future posts, I’ll elaborate about vintage and how I look for goodies whenever I’m shopping. The decades and brands are enough to make your head spin, and I’ve learned so much by watching L.A. Frock Stars!




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