Kidizen Shop of the Week May 4th-10th

May 4, 2015

Here’s the inaugural posting of the first shop for the Kidizen Shop of the Week feature on this site! The Kidizen shop for this week is is Mil’s Closet. Carla is the mom to the amazing Amelia.

Carla’s story:

For 36 years of my life, I thought I was in total control and was well organized. In January 2011 that all changed when I had my baby girl Amelia.

Fast forwarding to today and I find myself 40 yrs old. I’m a full-time senior mortgage loan officer and have held this position for the last 16 years!

I’m married to a realtor, so I am not sure we ever get a break from the office.

We waited late in life to have children. Had I known I could have so much love for her, we would have done it much, much sooner and had more kids!

This led me to Kidizen because I love cute clothes at a discount and the fact that I don’t have to load up and go to the store. Huge plus! 

I started with cleaning my closet, sending things to Twice and having some great results for my clothes.

I must have been under a rock because I had no idea there were so many neat apps nowadays. 

I searched for my daughter’s clothes and found Kidizen. I love it! The sisterhood of all these other moms has been amazing.

It’s harder to fit in with working full time and being older than most of the moms at our preschool. I have met so many moms on Kidizen and wish we all lived in the same town!

Amelia has been dressing herself since she was 2. In her words, since she was 2, “mom, that is NOT rocking cool.”

She is a trip and keeps me cool now. At least if I am 40 and the oldest mom in the class maybe I will at least be the cool one to Amelia.😀

We like a variety of brands like Peek, Pink Chicken, Mini Melissa, Minnetonka, and Toms and anything must meet Amelia’s criteria of “rocking cool.”

Life motto: treat others as you would have them treat you.

Imaginary Fashion Coalition: Cher, Michael Jackson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jackie O. 

Amelia is funny: she interrupted her class singing their ABCs because she thought they needed to be singing Ice Ice Baby. The teacher told me that she almost choked she was laughing so hard.

Best parenting advice: when your child comes into this world, it will either be their way or your way, and you better not let it start being theirs. Given by my mother who received it from my grandmother.

Advice for newbies on Kidizen: Be patient, be kind and keep at it. Enjoy the relationships you make here and let’s all have fun together and sell our fun children’s items.

Mil’s Closet is currently offering a special promotion of 30% off of 2 or more items!




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