Kidizen Shop of the Week June 29th-July 5th

June 29, 2015

The summer holiday season is upon us and can you believe it’s nearly July!!?? Time for friends and family, BBQs, laughter, and resale!

It’s time for the Kidizen Shop of the Week and this week’s shop is Love Jaxon!

Meet Pear, the proprietress. She makes wonderful rompers out of vintage shirts and more, and I love her work!!! You will, too!

Pear’s Story: my husband and I met online in November 2011. Yes online! I didn’t want to create an account but my friends did and they were laughing at all the messages they were receiving so I said why not. Confidence booster! Well, turns out I was swiping, scrolling and saw HIM!

Yes I’m embarrassed to say I was the first one to light that fire and I sent him a message. Didn’t think anything of it but a few days later I’m out with my friends and I get a text message saying that he’ll come out! Since then he’s been the bread to my butter. The pizza to my cheese.

Fast forward a few months, we moved in together and decided to make babies and later plan a wedding!! Getting pregnant wasn’t easy at all. Took us one year to finally get pregnant. Test after test ’til we decided to just let it happen and not force it.

In February 2013 we find out we’re having a baby, right before our wedding! I was showing immediately and grew into my wedding dress perfectly for our April Fool’s Day wedding! (very, very clever!)

While everyone enjoyed open bar, I was sipping on water out of a champagne glass. Our bundle of joy is almost 2 years old and life is awesome. 

Kids brands you like: Zara, vintage, small businesses I find online. anything I think that would be cute on my son. I like everything!

Favorite score on Kidizen: my favorite purchase from Kidizen would be this t-shirt I’m hoarding that says Vintage Soul. I think it was only $5.00!

Imaginary Fashion Coalition: I have more online friends than real life friends so id take Indie_loved and Land Of Liam shopping with me! I met them on Instagram and we all came to Kidizen!

Life motto: Love yourself. Love life. Don’t let anyone steal your shine! (amen!!)

Funny things your kid(s) have said or done: He runs up to you and gives you kisses if he knows he shouldn’t have done what he did. I’m a sucker for them.

Best parenting advice received: Everyone is going to tell you what to do and how to do it. Only you know what your baby’s wants and needs are. Just do it your own special way! Parenting is so hard and what works for some might not work for others.

Advice for newbies on Kidizen: I’m new myself and was hooked immediately! Follow the Facebook group Hello Kidizen where you can post your promos, ask questions, and connect with other Kidizen mamas!

Any special promotions: I change up my promotions daily (so get to it and you never know what your mystery discount will be!)





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