Kidizen Shop of the Week June 1st-June 7th

June 1, 2015

It’s time for the Kidizen Shop of the Week!

This week’s shop is Charlie and Jude


Eileen’s story: My name is Eileen and I came from France to the United States to be an “au pair” in 2011. A few months later I met my now husband, an American. We decided to start a new life together here and in 2013, our first son, Charlie, was born.

We’ve always known he was a bit different and special but it wasn’t until the beginning of 2015 that we found out really what was going on. He was officially diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Our second son is due in July and we are very excited to extend our family!

What you would like people to know about autism: All children who suffer from autism are different from one another. Aside from common social deficits, kids on the spectrum can often be very different.


Our Charlie is a happy toddler and at first impression seems neurotypical. He likes cars, and blocks, and coloring. One difference between Charlie and a neurotypical child is that instead of rolling his cars on the floor, he will line them up in a row, focusing on making them as straight as possible. Furthermore, he’s extremely good at making towers with blocks.

In fact, he regularly makes towers higher than himself! Charlie doesn’t however make eye contact, nor does he talk, but we’re working on that with his therapists and he’s learned to communicate in different ways. With those therapists, for twenty hours a week, Charlie does something called ABA therapy.

My favorite kids brands are: Petit Bateau, which are classic and high quality French clothes and Zara, because they’re so cute, stylish and fit so well. 

Favorite score on Kidizen: 

Imaginary Fashion Coalition (real or imaginary, dead or alive, people that you’d take shopping with you): Charlotte Gainsbourg. She is a very simple and humble celebrity with an incredible sense of style. (I absolutely agree, excellent choice and I’ll add her to my own coalition!) 

I may take my mom shopping with me too, she’s very fashionable.

Life motto: “I’ll figure it out”. Because, eventually, I’ll figure it out. (I’ll borrow this one, too!)

Funny things your kid(s) have said or done: If Charlie hurts himself a little playing or falling, I’ll give him a little Arnica to dissolve in his mouth to prevent swelling.

Well, Charlie caught on to this and I guess he likes the taste, so one day he came up to me with the little bottle in his hand, gently hit his head on the floor, and handed me the bottle for the Arnica he wanted! Very funny moment. 

Best parenting advice received: “Trust your instincts!” It has been very useful especially when I started getting worried about Charlie’s lack of speech.

People thought he wasn’t yet speaking because we speak French and English in the household but deep down we knew something was going on. We got him evaluated and sure enough, he was on the spectrum.

Advice for newbies on Kidizen: I’m somewhat of a newbie myself but I’ve learned a lot already. Kidizen is a great community! Join the Facebook group and participate in threads, post pictures of your little one in the gallery, favorite items, follow other mommies and have fun!

I’m currently offering 20% off of two or more items on my Kidizen Shop, Charlie and Jude.

I also make cloth diapers and I’m offering 15%  off on my Etsy Shop ( to all my Kidizen followers. The code is “Kidizen”.

(I think that everyone needs this cloth diaper! There are others, but this one is my personal favorite!!!)

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 12.56.46 PM




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