Kidizen Shop of the Week June 15-June 21st

June 15, 2015

This week’s Kidizen Shop of the Week is Miles Styles!

Crystal’s story: My name is Crystal, born and raised here in Washington.

I have worked as a nanny and with children in the foster care system since I was 19. I had my son Miles in 2008. It’s just me and him.


Being his mom has been the best experience of my life. Miles is a character and keeps me on my toes everyday!!

I have been a preschool teacher for the last 10 years. Best part of my job is that not many women get to take their kids to work with them for the first 5 years of their lives. I was a full time mom and working. (Patience and heart of a saint, I have much admiration and respect for Crystal!)

Through my work I met Alyssa. She started in my preschool class at age 4.


Alyssa had beaten leukemia. Alyssa has charisma, character, sparkle, and most importantly, strength.

There wasn’t a moment she wasn’t putting a smile on your face from her cute giggles or belting out in song..preferably “Let it go.”

When Alyssa headed off to kindergarten, she was really missed.

I had found out about a month ago that her leukemia had returned. I was heartbroken for her and her family. This family is very hardworking and I just wanted to do something to help them. I started a GoFundMe campaign and started collecting money at our schools to help them.

I then posted on the Kidizen Facebook page about purchasing headbands for her, spreading the word that purchases from my shop would go towards this endeavor.

I was overwhelmed by the responses I got from everyone. I mean I started crying! It was so powerful to see people stop their day to send a gift and tell me they wanted to give the headbands as a gift.

Kids brands you like: Honestly, I don’t have one! I love a good deal and if it looks cute it looks cute! Miles has worn everything from vintage to Target. If it can hold the test of boy, then it works for me!

Imaginary Fashion Coalition: My mom. That woman can throw an outfit together! Her style is awesome. I had Miles wearing my little brother’s baby clothes from 1989. Anyone that picks out clothes that will still be worn in 20 years is good in my book.

Life motto: Treat others the way you want to be treated

Funny things your kids have said or done: You got a min? This kid cracks me up on the regular. Once at dinner our conversation went like this:

Miles: Mom

Me: Yes

Miles: You know that follow your heart picture you have?

Me: yes (thinking he is going to say he want to solve world hunger or something super profound)

Miles: My heart says I shouldn’t eat these Brussels sprouts. (I’m going to borrow this, brilliant!)

Also he likes to tell me his farts sounds like helicopters!

Best Parenting Advice Received: No one raises their kids the same way. Do what works for you and your child.

Advice for Newbies on Kidizen: I’m still a newbie but I think the Facebook page has open doors in marketing what you have and searching for what you want. Not to mention tons of awesome people helping you succeed!

Miles Styles is offering a special promotion of 20% of 2 or more Listings and all proceeds for the month of June go towards my Alyssa fund! 

To reiterate, there are a few more days left in the month to support Crystal’s fundraiser for Alyssa. Let’s do our part and support this brave and charismatic little girl!!




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