John Waters Is One of My Spirit Animals

May 22, 2015

John Waters. Onto him in a moment!

I’ve been writing this in the midst of the chaos of planning Coco’s 4th birthday party (it’s Sunday!) and wondering how Lulu is sleeping with the blaring racket going on in the house.

A contractor is here to fix, in Coco’s words, “the hill that’s coming out of the floor.” Yeah, these faux wood pergo-esque floors can rise, if you didn’t know. Since it’s a single sheet of flooring, it makes it super loud and mildly entertaining to fix. I blame it on math because everything complicated has math in it, right?

If John Waters isn’t my spirit animal, then he’s a member of my Imaginary Real-Life Fashion Coalition.


I guess I can scratch out imaginary and say that he’s a real-life member of my fashion coalition because I got to meet him. An item off the bucket list.

Cousin Kaitlyn and I ventured into San Francisco on Wednesday, and it was quite the scene at the bookstore for one of the readings of his latest book, Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America

Me, that’s mee Eee EEE that he was writing the salutation to, I was on his mind for at least 10 seconds. Excuse me for being a ridiculous fangirl for a moment.

We had a discussion about earrings made out of records. Kaitlyn is an artisan that makes them. We also discussed cha cha heels. Kaitlyn gave John 4 pairs of earrings, and you can see the box that they came in on the table, along with our books and a kids book for Coco.

That talented and slender little bugger, I think John might have swindled Kaitlyn out of an extra pair of earrings! He said had 3, wait, FOUR female assistants. He hesitated on mentioning the fourth one, and I laughed because I couldn’t help it.

We discussed cha cha heels as I told him that Coco watches RuPaul’s Drag Race with me. This week, she kept singing lines from the Cha Cha Heels segment of the Divine Inspiration episode. “All I ever wanted was my cha cha heels…” He asked if I knew that they weren’t high heels but the smaller, little heels, and I said yes! Come on; I wasn’t part of the mostly under-25 hipster set born yesterday that was drinking their PBR and Corona Light (in a can!) /get off my lawn

He signed the kid’s book that Kaitlyn got for Coco’s birthday, and there’s an interesting parallel here. She’s getting a cool book and John Waters autograph for her 4th birthday and here’s what I got for a Christmas present long ago!

My parents were some of the coolest because they had me, of course, they were stylists with a shop on Melrose Avenue. They were rad because they knew lots of fascinating people. They scored this autograph from the master that is/was Alberto Vargas. Yes, the artist most famous for the Varga girl!

Life’s too short not to meet your heroes and heroines!

I’m excited to finish reading the book and assemble some outfits based on characters in his repertoire.

Wanda Woodward 4 ever!





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