John Fluevog Is In!

January 31, 2017


John Fluevog is always in style.

So is thrift. Pay less, get more, help the environment, be less of a consumerist. One thing that brightens my day is when people ask about my outfits. Inevitably, I will mention my Art of Resale mission and manifesto, and they’ll get excited.

Every step I take proves that you can be stylish, unique, and classy for way less than you can imagine. Sometimes I chuckle to myself because I play a daily game. “How much does my outfit cost today?”

As my eyes quickly scan each item, a running tally is going off in my head. There are many times where my complete outfits cost around $20 (minus the cost of undergarments of course). Most don’t believe me, though.

Here’s another unbelievable score from a week ago. I think that I’m getting close to having found a dozen pairs John Fluevog shoes while thrifting.

These are the Fluevog Malibran Operettas in Wine, size 8. They nearly fit me, but in Fluevog, I usually wear 8.5-9.


The other Fluevogs that I’ve found throughout the years include:


I love perusing Fluevog because I can always find a pair or two that I covet every season. Don’t forget about the Fluemarket where people buy and sell their new and gently used Fluevogs.

Stay tuned for my next post, which will cover all of the thrift finds for January 2017. I’ve been very busy with school and I wish that I could post more!

I’ve also been dealing with the sadness lately that comes from the inevitability of losing a pet, but I’ll post more about that later.





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