The Finds of June 2017

Here’s an update and then the Finds of June are here, on the last day of the month! Better late than never or something.

The most major update is that I’ve been engrossed in wrapping up the software development apprenticeship that I had in Oakland since last September. Although I’ll miss my friends, life calls and I think I have some things lined up. Just completed some design work on an actual app for a non-profit organization in SF.
This means that I’ll have more time to devote to this site again (new readers, I see your clicks and likes!). Things won’t be as scarce around here, hopefully.
Without further digression, here are pics of the awesome things that I’ve picked up in my travels this month. I’ve been concentrating on selling items that I’ve had for awhile. Having sales helps to clear out the old and bring more space for the new.
T-shirts, vintage, boots, and more! I’ve already sold half of these items and can’t wait for what happens in July! The H&M faux fur is lovely but it’s the only brown thing that I have and it matches nothing. Perfect for Steampunk and when the weather changes again.
I only have a few select t-shirts and I seem to wear them to the gym mostly. Here’s to having more time for self-care without the rigorous time constraint. 10 months is a long time, especially when I’m balancing out other schedule demands. I’ll be able to put together some new to me gym outfits and figure out this fitness goth summer thing for sure.
Check out the finds from June! I look forward to sharing new goodies with you and trying new avenues and venues in which to sell things. I’ve had some ideas and will be able to draw up a proper plan very soon.


The Finds of May

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Outfits of the Day

Thrift stores go hand in hand with outfits of the day. I’ve amassed a collection of “outfits of the day” pics, and I’ll share them in this post! Please note that many of my clickable links throughout the site, include here, are affiliate codes so that I can keep this site afloat. Let me tell…

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Unveiling The Shop: Shoes and the finds of March

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February Finds at The Art of Resale

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John Fluevog Is In!

John Fluevog is always in style. So is thrift. Pay less, get more, help the environment, be less of a consumerist. One thing that brightens my day is when people ask about my outfits. Inevitably, I will mention my Art of Resale mission and manifesto, and they’ll get excited. Every step I take proves that…

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