Don’t Get Ripped Off Buying Eyewear – Part Two

November 14, 2017

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It’s been two years since the first part of ‘Don’t Get Ripped Off Buying Eyewear’ appeared, yet it’s endured the test of time and is still one of the most popular posts on this site!

I’m still here and guess what? I still need corrective lenses, haha.

“I do not have to pay a frivolous markup at the optometrist or anywhere else, anymore.”

Say it with me. Say it again if you read the first part of this series.

Upon preliminary view of that post, I can tell you that I no longer have these Derek Cardigan glasses. They were excellent, they were fabulous, BUT I ended up selling them for what I paid for them.

Believe it or not, I’ve only got one pair of glasses at the moment that is the correct prescription and aren’t destroyed!! Enter the Keiko style from Bonlook in Barbie Pink. They are $99 on the Bonlook site, but if you sign up for their emails, you get notice of sales. Plus I always use my handy browser extensions Honey and Coupon Cabin to check if there are any meaningful coupons.


The funny thing is that Keiko Lynn recently asked me for permission to repost the pic below in her Instagram story. The backstory is that I’m sitting in the car wash, waiting for the drive-thru rainbow foam magic to happen. You can’t tell from my expression that I’m excited?


I am coveting one of the newest colors of these frames, the Keiko Bonlook frame in the color ‘Moe May.’ I’m waiting patiently for a coupon code because you KNOW I avoid paying retail whenever possible.

Here are the two new colors of the Keiko frame.

Moe May


Shug Blond


Have you ever found “the one”?

Should I rephrase that to “the one pair”? That pair that’s your jam, the pair that makes your eyes sing?

I found that pair a few months ago, but then just as soon as we were enamored with each other, we had to break up. This time, it wasn’t me! It was them.


I and these Valley Eyewear Marmont glasses (different color here) had to break up because they were destroying the bridge of my nose! There was a thick imprint forming because of their weight on my SAD FACE. Luckily I was able to return them. But seriously, major sad face. They were perfect, you know, other than for the destroying my face part. NBD, right?

I also had a pair of the Valley Genius Child sunglasses, but I didn’t LOVE love them and sold them for more than I paid on eBay.


The reason why I only have the Keiko Bonlook glasses as my only functional pair is because my littlest one destroyed this pair that I had from Zenni Optical:


To their credit, this pair of glasses lasted nearly a year. The lenses started losing their coating and got scratched easily but are worth it for being < $30!

After the coating started coming off, I’d attempted an interesting modification.

After sanding off the glossy finish with super fine sandpaper, I used some old Manic Panic that I had in my hair color stash. Manic Panic is useless in my hair, unfortunately, and I find it incredibly overpriced and ineffective.

So I used it to paint the green Zennis! It worked well for about a month before it faded. Maybe if I left them in the dye mixture longer?

The funny thing to note is that the stained glasses would also stain my face! That’s no fun.


So let’s move onto other glasses that I think that you should check out.

Of course, everyone by now has heard of Warby Parker and their stores so I won’t elaborate too much on them. It’s been a long time since I’ve liked any of their frames. The only frames that I like that are currently on their site are the Lowry and the Ella:

Lowry in Jet Black Fade


Ella in Jet Black


Now let’s go back to Bonlook. Before the new colors of the Keiko frame came out, I was seriously considering this pair in the Skunkboy style$99, same as the Keiko.

Skunkboy in Panda Pearl


I can’t talk about affordable eyewear without mentioning They’re well known for offering Derek Cardigan and Kam Dhillon frames, and both companies have made very stylish frames in the past.

Perhaps by now, you can tell that I have got a thing for the cat eye shape!? These are two options in the Frankie style, and it’s neat that there are so many colors of this frame. is offering a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE special with the code ADDUP (as of November 12, 2017). Use it at checkout. These start at $95 a pair.

derekcardiganfrankiefuchsia-theartofresale derekcardiganfrankiegreen-theartofresale

A low-cost option to also consider would be these Weekend frames from their house brand Main + Central. These are only $35, and they also come in black! A good choice for a backup pair.


My favorite pair of glasses from Lookmatic (formerly Spex Club) is the Patti Goes to Paris frame. $99.


Another stylish frame from Lookmatic (pictured below) is the Madison style.


I’ve never checked out Discount Glasses before, but their closeout section looks interesting. It also appears that if you try to exit their site early, a pop-up window with a discount code of $10 off appears.

“You get what you pay for”? Does that apply here? I really like this pair of glasses.


This style is called Lunettos Jeff and are only $9.95. Can you believe that INCLUDES single vision lenses? It also comes in gray and brown as well. Free shipping and returns, too! I’m not sure this deal can be beaten, so I guess there’s no excuse to not have a backup pair of glasses now?

Try the sort all option at lowest price first to see some crazy deals!

Onward. Over at 39 Dollar Glasses, the men’s eyeglasses section has some stylish options for $39. These seem like a solid deal. Here is the style called Scholar.


Eye Buy Direct has quite a selection! If you sort by black and lowest price, here’s what you get. I can’t believe that this Years style is only $15 for the frames.


I’ve never heard of Goggles 4 U before, and their UX of the site is fair, but there’s a BOGO promotion going on right now.

Another one I’ve never heard of is Glasses Shop, and they also appear to have a BOGO promotion as well. Upon a preliminary glance, these are the most stylish frames I found. This is the Nicole style. Prices are low as well!


To round out this list of affordable glasses, I’ve got some suggestions if you MUST have some fancy designer frames.

Check out Last Call from Neiman Marcus, specially their optical glasses. Here’s a pair of McQueen for about $74.50 after sale and before a coupon code? Sign me up!

Another option is to go to I’ve found fantastic deals that include Tom Ford, Gucci, and Fendi.

I’m biased when I say to check out The Real Real for quality used and new designer consignment. Use this search to specifically look for women’s eyeglasses. At the time of this posting, there were some cat eye Dolce and Gabbana frames for $70!

Marvel Optics seems to be a decent option for affordable frames.

Ultimately, I think that hashtags are a quick way to help yourself select frames. They are so liberally used on Instagram, and although I quickly get into #hashtagoverload, I do find some good stuff.

For example, if you used the hashtag #keikobonlook you’d be able to see all the other fashionable people wearing this particular frame (including me, wink). Search away, and you might be surprised.

Pro tip: if you have any debris, dirt, sunblock, makeup, etc., on your glasses, Magic Eraser works wonders! Just be super duper careful that you don’t scratch your lenses while cleaning your glasses as I am not responsible if you hurt them!

So let’s talk about some fancier glasses aka the ones that I would check out if money were no object! I’m feeling the second pair on the first row, the Linda Farrows.

Here are some excellent sunglasses!

Fellas, I haven’t forgotten about you. Here are the glasses and sunglasses that I like.

SO many sunglasses, so little time!

I gifted myself these Tom Ford Nikas for my 43rd birthday! My first pair was a gift for my 40th birthday, so good things come to those who are old or something?

No matter what kind of day I’m having, I feel like a million when I wear these. I panicked for a moment when they were misplaced during packing!


On the opposite end of the spectrum, I want to share with you my experience with Sunglass Spot. They’re all over Instagram, and I had to get a pair after I saw a blogger wearing them. Again, hashtags can be your friend! I find the most exciting things on IG this way.

If I had a dollar for every time, I got a compliment on these sunglasses, which are style #773939 I’d have about $300, no joke.


I seem to be liking more prominent shield styles lately, and I think this pair would be a perfect addition to the stable. Black of course, but what other color?


Hopefully, you have more resources with which to make a more educated purchase so that you don’t get ripped off when buying eyewear!

If I’ve missed any other meaningful resources, please let me know in the comments section! I’ll focus on the exciting world of contact lenses in another post shortly. 🙂

Happy glasses shopping!




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