Designer Kids Clothes For Less

June 5, 2015

I want to discuss kids designer clothes, but I’ve been very busy with a lot of projects!

My birthday is on Sunday, and I’m not feeling it right now. However, time passes, as always. I’m not going to let things like post-partum depression and trying to make difficult lifestyle changes get in the way of happiness.

Our Kidizen shop has been making me happy as little Coco understands things a lot more. She wants the Room on the Broom app, and I told her that we’d have to save money for it and sell some things. She is a faithful helper, and likes to put items on hangers and give me opinions! She didn’t let me list some dresses, haha!

I’ve been learning a lot about kids designer labels, and I have been paying close attention to what fellow mamas want on Kidizen and in general. Fortunately, we’ve had an unusual surplus that I’m actually grateful for because of generous family and friends. We are covered on all the basics, but of course, there are the treats that you just have to have.

As you know, my life’s motto is, “if it isn’t exquisite, get rid of it!”

I found a Peek skirt that I might keep because it fits me. (!) It’s a size L (8), which must be some vanity sizing as I fit into a women’s size 4. The waist of this gorgeous skirt is very stretchy. (I’m personally trying to figure out the world of separates that aren’t my uniform of Uniqlo jeans and a band t-shirt at the moment.)

Here are some pics of some of my favorite items at the moment on Kidizen!

For Coco’s birthday, I got her a pair of Mini Melissa Ultragirl Kitty II’s, but they’re too big at size 9. The waiting game.

I’ve been eyeballing these size 8’s from Finner’s Closet and have them bookmarked. I still can’t get over how expensive these shoes are! I’ve been assured that they are very durable and comfortable, so it’s function as well as form. Whew!

Who can resist all the lovely vintage items on Kidizen? There are so many amazing pieces to be found on Kidizen, but this one resonates. It’s a Hello Kitty vintage dress and would fit Lulu, I hope. I’d wear it. Check out this adorable number from the shop Caroleen.

Ted Baker is a gorgeous label that my lovely and dear friend Marissa reintroduced me to! What a deal on this Baker by Ted Baker skirt from Geela’s Closet! $13, someone had better get on this!

I would be remiss to not the state the obvious and give another shout out to Grouchy Miko’s shop and this lovely Little Marc Jacobs dress.

I admit that I had never heard of Pink Chicken until Carla (of the shop Mil’s Closet) introduced me to it. Guess what I found while out and about on the prowl at my local haunts? Coco didn’t like it, which is a win for someone else, for sure!

I can’t resist Harajuku Mini (too bad there won’t be anymore!) and also got this for Coco for her birthday! She has the matching hat, and the ensemble is just too cool.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to sharing next week’s Kidizen Shop of the Week!




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