December 2018

December 17, 2018

You might notice the facelift that I gave to this site! Sometimes it’s what you need for a fresh start and although the previous theme and its extensive customization were great, it certainly no longer served the needs of me and y’all, my dear readers.


So I saw this meme recently and I think it’s very relatable. I like expensive things! And that’s ok! Apparently, I was in some sort of denial about this for a long time.

I’m longer apologizing about that, BUT one of my life’s goals will always be to seek out the best deals that I can and of course, share ways to be thrifty with my trusted readers.

Since I’ve been in Portland I’ve been quite exasperated at the lack of obvious glamour here. Let’s not go there with the drivers, oh my! 

It feels as if being preoccupied has been my occupation as of late, busy with many things that haven’t included checking in on this site. You haven’t let me down, dear readers, as I still get a very decent amount of traffic here! Thanks for not giving up on me.

I am a thrifty shopper and resell most of the goodies that I find. Here are some recent finds so you can see what I’ve been up to!

Versatile Fashions by Ms. Antoinette

THIS IS A KEEPER! So I found this gorgeous blue satin waist cincher at one of my favorite resale stores in town, Village Merchants in SE Portland. IT FITS, it’s a 24″ waist, which can accommodate my recent weight gain (it’s mostly in the boobs, odd). Heavy steel boning, absolutely legit.

I’d almost forgotten about the existence of the company Versatile Fashions! You can find some videos of Dita von Teese modeling in their fashion shows in the 90’s. They were initially based in Orange County, CA and it appears that they’re now located in Portland? I’ll find out more details and share them later.

Here’s a pic of Dita in Versatile Fashions:

In no specific order, items that I’ve sold and/or are still listed or that I’m keeping.

Under Armour jacket from Goodwill Bins
Trashy Diva dress, NWT, fits me perfectly.
Pink satin shell bra from Victoria’s Secret in my unique size
Rieker shoes, listed on Poshmark, size 8-8.5
Hellbunny skeleton sundress, NWOT size XS
Third Love bra NWT, retails for $65.

What else can I mention?


Oh, I started fencing again, in saber. I’m at my third month or so of this session of lessons and I love it! It’s such a good discipline and it can keep you in very good shape. I’m so over this new year, new me stuff with gym memberships as they bore me to tears. Unless it’s the Crunch super group classes, but even then.

Some good news is on the horizon as it looks as if I’ll ring in the new year with another sponsored post! YIPPEE!

All I can say is that it’s with a company I’ve been aware of for awhile. You might possibly have heard of them, too.

They recently reached out, totally organically, and made a nice impression. I’m getting some merch for consideration and review and will be sure to dutifully present my honest opinions, as always.

I can’t wait to ring in the new year with a more positive outlook. I’ve been so busy with all of my web properties, including a new one that I might share here someday.

In the meantime, I just now revisited this awesome post that I had forgotten that I’d written. Check it out if you haven’t already and I’m going to update it for 2019!

Take care,





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