April Update at The Art of Resale

Wow, it’s already been another month!

A few random thoughts. I almost abandoned selling anything on Kidizen anymore because of the major changes that they made in their entire process. Instead of directly going to PayPal, they have a system that involves “KidBucks”. Many people seemed not very supportive and I just wanted to wait and see what would happen.

After I’d almost given up, I sold two things in as many days, so that’s good. The process was painless and I didn’t notice anything negative. The KidBucks appeared in my account as soon as I shipped the items and they were scanned by the post office. So far so good.

I’ve not had very much time nor put too much effort in thrifting for the past few weeks. I’m almost done with school and will have more time in two weeks and I hope to clear the tumbleweeds here.

Random pics of finds over the past month.

Hope you’ve all been well.

If you want to see what else I’ve been working on, check it out.

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