Hi! I'm Lisa.

The Art of Resale is my love letter devoted to all things fashion, resale, upcycle, vintage, and more.

By day I’m a web and software development freelancer. One of my superpowers is finding super cool items that are related to fashion, vintage, collectible and more. I resell them and teach my ever-growing network how to flip items for a tidy profit.

I started this blog in 2015 because I believe that everyone can make money in buying items for resale, whether online or in real life. 

Get a peek into my creative strategies to acquire quality items for less than you could ever imagine.

Stick with me as I’ll share the journey and my processes. I collect clothing, shoes, books, vintage, and accessories, but my knowledge is vast. The more avant-garde and quirky, the better.

There’s still always more to learn, which keeps it exciting! Resale is also one of the quickest growing sectors, and who doesn’t want to help the planet in the process?

It’s an indescribable thrill. You know the feeling that I’m talking about?

The one when you’re able to score goods for resale? How about when you do this for pennies on the $ of their retail values?

There’s the exhilaration that results from paying for an entire shopping trip by selling one of the items you scored in that resale haul!

Your mission is to profit handsomely from the pre-loved goodies that you find. I’ll teach you what I know!

Want to learn with me? 

I’ve been reluctant to call myself a fashion blogger.

I mean, who am I (little ole me) to tell you what you should or shouldn’t wear?

Fashion is yet one artistic expression and I was literally born into it, in Hollywood, CA. Note the early scowl of disapproval!


My parents were stylists in the 70’s and 80’s on the infamous Melrose Avenue and I learned a lot while growing up!

However, I’m not sure that we ever completely grow out of our adolescent selves.

This is what I still feel like on the inside, a little awkward but well-intentioned.




I believe that fashion shouldn’t be pretentious. I do think that many people take themselves and fashion a little too seriously, and life is much too short for that.

It’s funny how some trends come back. Note the dark tights with white gladiator shoes. Sweet pink flight jacket. Maybe I’ll try to recreate this sometime soon!

Life’s too short to not do what you want to do, as long as it doesn’t harm others.


How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging since the days of Livejournal. I recently revisited a couple of entries and whoa boy. Silly and embarrassing. Let’s not even go there with Friendster, MySpace, etc.

What is your ethnicity? 

It’s much easier to show you the results from 23 and Me. I guess I’m a mostly Eastern European mutt?


What products do you use and recommend? How can I take better care of my skin? 

As a beauty professional on semi-permanent hiatus, I’m still the go-to for friends and their friends, in terms of advice about aging, skin care, sun protection, makeup, and a whole lot of other things, come to think of it!

I’m still a licensed esthetician in California and I have worked with and tried countless products.

Disclaimer: there are affiliate links throughout my site, so if you see something you like and make a purchase, you can help keep this site stay afloat as I’ll receive a small commission.

The best thing that you can do to help prevent the appearance of premature aging is to dutifully use sunblock daily and reapply often. Here’s what I’ve used and loved.


Here’s what I use for makeup and skincare.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via Twitter or Instagram.